Last week we enjoyed the Winter sensory box. I used some maize packing pellets as fake snow and found some animals that live in cold climates, a winter tree and gathered up different winter thememd items from around the house.

Little “R” liked to put her head in the box….

….. so that Little “L” could throw snow over her!

When the older children came home we lay out a white sheet on the floor and they walked buddy Bear around on it in his winter coat, hat and scarf and welly boots! We made indoor snowballs from white tissue paper and had a snowball fight!

We covered the bean bag in the white sheet and made a snowy mountain!

The animals had a nice climb on the mountain. The penguin was getting a lot of attention and soon everyone wanted a penguin. They all wanted eggs for their penguins to hatch. This teddy penguin can turn inside out and then become an egg. The children had me performing this piece of magic for them over and over.

We talked about how Daddy Penguins look after the eggs and hatch them. We watched a you tube clip about baby penguins sitting on their Daddies feet! We walked like Penguins!

The younger 2 made a little world for their Penguins on their muslin rags. They went to the sensory box and gathered “snow” to put on it!

I do love how a child’s interest can carry a hole afternoon or days play! They are so much more involved in the learning when it stems from their own interest and desire to learn about something. They ask questions and become fully engaged!

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