Transport theme – Train ride!

Transport theme – Train ride!

Today we started our transport theme with a little train ride! Children are free to ride on public transport so it only cost the price of my ticket. The lady in the ticket office worked out which direction we should travel in and said there was a cafe at the next stop so we could have a drink and watch the trains go past before coming back again.

We looked at what number platform we needed to travel from and talked about how important it is to keep our ticket safe!

We looked at the digital timetable and talked about what time it is and how many minutes we had to wait till our train arrived. Every now and then an announcement would sound to let us know a fast train was coming through the station. Little “A” was so excited and told me the train goes really fast!

Once our train arrived we stepped on and found a table seat near the window. She held on right to her ticket so that she wouldn’t loose it!

She was so excited to see all the things we passed. She talked about the bridges and tunnels, other transport that we passed on route, animals and scenery! Everything was so new and exciting for her!

Once we got to the other station, we walked over the bridge I explained we had to go to the other side to travel back. We bought a drink and a snack and sat on the platform watching the trains pass. Little “A” asked about the yellow line along the platform and I said it was a safety line. She made sure she didn’t step over it. We listened to trains coming and took guesses at which direction it would come from!

She sang the wheels on the bus and I tried to make up a “wheels in the train” version but she laughed at me and told me no!

When our train arrived we climbed on and there was a nice conductor who stamped our tickets with a little train shaped hole punch!

This was such an amazing and fun way to start our topic! She loved it so much and talked about it for weeks after.

Today’s play meets the following EYFS areas:

  1. Communication and language
  2. Personal, social and emotional
  3. Understanding the world
  4. Mathematics

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