I was having a little think to myself, about the things that I used to enjoy as a very young child. One of my fondest memories of my rising 5 class, was of the tracing boards they had. These were just words and pictures on a board and you paper clipped the tracing paper to it and traced over the top. We do much more of the large physical mark making, like the chalks on the patio, painting on the patio, using sticks to mark make in sand and mud, but I had forgotten about the good old fashioned fun!
So I set about making my own boards. I looked for simple colouring sheets on-line. I looked for something simple to trace that had the word written on the page as well. I then printed them out and laminated them. I added them to a clip board and added tracing paper.
Little “X” was the first to try them out and he loved them. I think he used every board I made!

I noted how he was holding his pen and helped him to re-position it in to a more comfortable and usable grip.

He carefully followed the lines on the board and told me about the picture he was drawing. Sharing ideas he had and facts that he already knew. This shark has sharp teeth!


  • To provide little “X” with a new mark making activity.
  • To provide the opportunity to correctly hold and control pens and follow a shape with a steady hand.
To continue to offer these tracing cards in the mark making area. Offer more fine motor skill activities such as threading beads, playdough, block building and painting.


    Little “X” had a lovely time with this activity and worked on one picture after another. He showed real interest and engagement in this, talking to me about the animals that he was drawing, the shapes and pointing out different areas of interest. Such as letters that he recognised.  He showed me each picture that he finished with real pride for his achievement. He also asked if we could work on a couple together, which we did!
    Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
    • Physical Development
    • Literacy

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