This week we have cracked on a bit more with our Minibeast project. It has become a little neglected with St Patrick’s Day and Easter. I know it will be neglected again next week with St Georges Day. We should have started our Beach and Sea creatures theme  weeks ago……. but plans are made to be broken!

I will introduce the Beach and Sea creatures theme in a weeks time after all our St Georges Day fun and after Little “E” and Little “L” get back form their holiday.

So I set up this little Minibeast playscape and added a back mirror to give the children a different view of whilst they explore it. I also added a magnifying glass!

Little “E”  caught plastic bugs in a flower pot and then used the magnifying glass to look at them closely. I will look out at car boot sales for tsome bug viewing boxes I think!

I printed out some bug pictures for us to colour in and some “plant parts” sheets to hopefully encourage some conversations about plants and the different parts that make up a plant.

Today we were very lucky to join another childminder in the village, who had a lady from the museum coming to do a talk on bugs at her house. She brought some bugs in display boxes for us to look at and also some live Madagascan hissing cockroaches.

We stayed for lunch with our friends and a little play as well. It was lovely.

We played with Duplo, building caves for the cave man and farms for the animals.
We have been for pony rides!

The Mr Potato heads have been out a lot. Especially the Star Wars themed ones. Little “E” is very in to his Star Wars!

 We chose new books from the Playbus on Monday and enjoyed reading them!

We pinched a rather lovely idea of using air dry clay and beans to make some fabby Art from this great Blog!
I explained that the beans were the bean plants seeds. I did get a look of surprise at that!

We also tended to our Herman the German friendship cake that arrived at ours yesterday. We are on day 3 and he needed a good stir! Tomorrow he needs feeding. 

So all in all we have had a busy and fun few days! Sorry about the photo quality. The camera has run out of batteries and the boys have nabbed all of my new ones for their Skylanders portal! Grrrrrrrr

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