We have had a lovely week enjoying tea parties with Teddies!

Making Autumn playdough creations! These included lots of lovely sensory experiences. Different textures, colours and we even added cloves and cinnamon sticks for a seasonal smell!

We looked at Thanksgiving and the children used real vegetables in the home corner to make their own Thanksgiving dinners!

Some of us enjoyed feeding our creations to the dog!

We worked on our latches board! This could back fire when they all start escaping from the house. Little “R”  can already un lock my front door so I have had to remove my keys from the lock!

Little “L” pealed sprouts! She found this really absorbing. Very soon I had little green leaves all over the playroom!

Little “R” joined in too.

Carrot batons do not peal very well!

After school, Brendan made little Christmas figures with our new art set!

We played with our Thanksgiving play set. Not entirely true to history but we did the best we could with what we had!

Little “R” practised sharpening pencils!

Little “X” made an Autumn tree!

Little “R” made a hat for the Hedgehog……

….and a nappy!

We have had a really lovely week. We rounded it all off on Thursday with our own Thanksgiving dinner together. Kenzie said he was thankful for Skylanders and Brendan said he was thankful for all the things that his Daddy I and I do for them and provide for them (which I was very touched by). Little “E” was thankful for her toy Bat! About half an hour later we had a big power cut and I thought maybe one of us should have been more thankful for Electricity!

We all huddled with torches and the boys used their laptop to watch a film with the little ones so that they didn’t get scared of the dark!

One more week of Autumn activities and then we start our winter and Christmas fun! I can not wait!

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