The start of week 2 and the sun is still here although the rain arrived over the weekend so we are having very heavy rain storms that stop as quickly as they start. The nice thing is that everyone enjoys these brief moments of rain and the little ones run about in it, laughing and then very quickly dry off again after.
We started the morning with some crafting from the “I’m board box”. We made Daffodil windmills.

We made some cute little pyramid boxes and decorated them with stickers.

We took another trip to the Library and everyone chose a reading book to borrow. The youngest girls asked for Princess books. Little “L” is very in to Princesses at the moment!
Kenzie picked up his first set of stickers for reading 2 books and swapped the two he has read for two new ones. There is a scratch and sniff sticker on these that you really don’t have to scratch, to sniff. They are STINKY! 
Little “E” said he wanted to do a reading challenge but not the creepy house as its a bit scary and he doesn’t like smelly stickers. I said I would put something together for him so he could earn Star Wars or Animal stickers.

We stopped at the Bakery on the way home and everyone chose a cake. Very yummy!

We spent the rest of the day enjoying being outside. Brendan mixed a camomile and vanilla tea spray,

Kenzie and “E” made potions and Tea

Little “L” and “R” played with the new small world set up that I have in the garden.

We made wooden animals from a kit.

 We then painted them with watercolours.

We stopped for lunch. Fruit, cheese and sausage rolls..

Kenzie filled out his reading challenge booklet and added the stickers.

Kenzie put in his code and watched the special film clip that it unlocked.

We gathered up all our crafting and kept them safe from small hands.

We played outside again and got totally drenched in a hail storm! Kenzie didn’t stop stirring his potion!

We got dried off!

 Then went about making some shrinky dinks.

We made Ocean sticker pictures.

Little “J” came to play while his mummy and daddy packed up the house for moving 🙁 We are going to miss him very much!

Reading time has really caught on with everyone which was wonderful to see! Brendan and Kenzie both finished books tonight!

A lovely start to a new week.

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