In my last post, I introduced the “I’m Bored” box! Today was the test and on the whole it was a very useful tool.
I set up the play room with a designated craft space to prevent the items being spread across the house or used on the floor or other unsuitable surface for scissors and glue!

 This really helped and the children instinctively seemed to know where they were to do the craft activities! They spent a lot of time on and off throughout the day at this area. Little “E” made Lizards. The girls made sticker pictures of Butterflies and then got excited when one flew in to the playroom, Brendan painted a wooden model of a Dragon and Kenzie did some junk modelling!

We had several pipe cleaner creations as well but I didn’t take many photos of these unfortunately.

We made a den in the garden together. Brendan initiated this and everyone helped. Very soon though the younger children were the only ones in there while the older ones were being creative elsewhere.

We stopped for food at several points in the day. The table had a steady supply of healthy snacks and water and then dinners for all!

The usual potion making took place today with the addition of tea leaves. The older girls also made perfume using the mint and lavender. It was a lovely refreshing smell!

I set up a small world camp site in the playroom and it has been played with and re-set several times over throughout the day.

There were many different types of mark making going on through out the day. I caught some of these on camera.

This board is a mixture of many little hands adding their own creative flare as they walked past.

One of the older children worked on a rather tricky construction kit that she had taken from the “I’m bored” box. We both sat and worked on this as the instructions were very basic and not completely helpful.

Brendan’s TA from school popped in for a cuppa. We had a special treat for her for looking after him so well other the past few years and she had a special goodbye treat for him. It showed how well she knows him too. She bought him some lovely retractable lead coloured pencils. These will be very much loved and used!

There were lots of reading of books as well. The older girls each brought novels with them and often times, throughout the day, I gathered up little piles of books to return to the book cases!

There was a Birthday party attended mid day for 2 of the children, water fights had with the neighbours children, Minecraft playing in to the evening with an older boy from the village and in truth the odd cross and grumpy exchange which I suspect had a lot to do with the extreme heat on the hottest day this year! 33.5 degrees and the hottest day since July 2006!  I love the sun but I do hope we get a storm tonight to clear the air!

We finished off the evening with cuddles and sweeties!

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