Starting school is a huge transition for even the most confident of children. There are so many things that they will have to start doing for themselves and it can only help them if we provide them with the tools and skills they need to cope and flourish in the school environment.

I hope to give you and your children some fun and helpful ideas to support your child in preparing to start school in my blog series “STARTING SCHOOL MADE EASY”

In this 5th part we are focusing on how we can support your child’s Mathematical skills.

  • Lots of number rhymes.
  • Go on a number hunt around the house or out in the street on the way to the park or whilst in town.

  • Offer the children a number bingo board to mark off each number they find with a pen or sticker.
  • Play board games that involve dice and number recognition.

  • Provide lots of play with tape measures, rulers, domino’s, playing cards and other numerical items.
  • Stacking dolls are a fun way to introduce sequencing and encourage size language.

Look out for part 6 of this series tomorrow. The focus of part 6 will be fun ideas to support a better understanding of the world around them! 

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