Give children the time and space to explore some open ended toys and resources and you will be amazed at what they can learn!
These two children were playing with Art straws while I cleaned up after lunch. They cam running to the kitchen shouting at me to look at the toy they had just made. 
“Look! Look what it does……. I twist this bit and then it stays up all by itself!”
“L” span her home made spinning top for me and “I” laughed.

The shear joy and excitement on their faces was wonderful to see.

“I can do it too Pip! Look I made some as well. Spin!!!!” Little “I” joined in.

I placed the Art straws out with some 3D shapes to introduce the concept of 3D shapes and their correct names. I thought the children might try and recreate the 3D shapes with the straws.

I was wrong! They set about exploring physics! Learning some basic elements of Gravity, Inertia, Centrifugal force and Friction!

Children need to be trusted to explore the world for themselves and learn from their explorations. Self initiated and self learnt lessons. Learning through curiosity and exploration!

    • Look at other items that spin. Spinning tops, roundabouts at the park, gyroscopes.


    Little “L” created this toy with no guidance or suggestion. This was self initiated and took a lot of trial and error to achieve. She showed curiosity about the items available to her and explored and experimented with what she could do with them. When she found something that interested her, she continued to explore it, adjusting the positioning of the large circular part. She set her own challenge and worked to achieve her desired goal.
    She maintained focus and showed a high level of interest. She was very keen to draw others in to her play and taught “I” how to make the same toy. She also showed her how to hold it and make it spin. 

    Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
    • Communication and language
    • Physical Development
    • Personal, Social and Emotional 
    • Expressive Art and Design
    • Understanding The World

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