Nearly 2 weeks… but to be honest the screen free challenge came to an end a day early. for several reasons.

This afternoon the boys came home from school and then got changed out of their school clothes and went to their friends house to play in the wooded area out the back of their house. They had a great time. Getting caught up in brambles and making dens. They stayed for tea and then we had to take them to their Grandparents as we had a secondary school info night to attend. Kenzie told me he had watched some tlly at their friends house after dinner.
There was also telly on and Nanny and G-Daddys house and I am not about to ask them to turn it off.
Turns out that Brendan was meant to come to this evening with us so Kenzie stayed with his Grandparents, had cuddles, watch tv and had a shower till we came back.
Then we got home and the new Red Dwarf series started….. my childhood fave and something Lee and I have been looking forward to for ages!!! Turns out our boys are geeks like us!! and that the new series is AWESOME!!!!

So Screen Free has ended… a day early! But you know what? I really don’t mind. The Detox has been great for all of us. The changes have been made and although TV will be back in the boys lives, it will not be at the level it was.

I have had a long look at what changes were for the best, when screen time would have been helpful  (for me after meal times) and when and how it plays a role in our family life. It will not be coming back in the mornings. Mornings are much better since its been gone. Not just TV but all gadgets and gaming too.  The boys stay in bed longer so get more sleep. Kenzie would wake for a wee at 6am and then run downstairs and plonk himself in front of the box and do nothing…… Now he is still in bed at 8am and that extra 2 hours sleep has made a difference to his general mood! Less snappy and argumentative.

The time I would have loved tv and computer time to have been available was between 5 and 6:30pm. When I want the level of energy in the house to reduce. When parents are collecting minded children and when I am putting the house back together again after a days work. They will have still had play time after school with friends but screen time at that point would calm things down a bit and so I have said they can have screen time between 5 and 6:30pm. Then its is going off. so they can read and not have screen time right before bed.  Kenzie can continue to read to me and we can share our time together again before bed without TV getting in the way.
Brendan has been creating Dragons and pokemon, drawing and writing so much and I want to see this creativity continue to develop.

The tv cover will stay to make it clear when TV is allowed and when it is not. Exceptions can be made for the odd program that looks good or for Brendan’s educational tv interests.

No more screen hoping….. no more spongebob marathons……. no more tv adverts filling my child’s brains with the latest “Must have” toy.

So that’s it…. the challenge is over! Thanks for reading and all your input these past 2 weeks!

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