SCREEN FREE – day 10

bit late on this post. and no photos…… sorry people! I blame Kenzie!

He told me to have a bath last night rather than my normal shower, so that he could read me his book at the same time. It was lovely! I sat in the bath with bubbles all around me and he read his story book to me. all 32 pages! It was quite a good story too! He read it so beautifully to me too!
Once bath time was over I read him our new Autumn themed library books. I also got him “Peace at last” which he has been looking at, at school and he really wanted us to get it. Thankfully the play bus had one on board yesterday!

Going back to after school, the boys spent most of the afternoon playing Duplo! creating houses for Pooh Bear and his friends to live in.
 Kenzie and little “E” asked for a bubble bath together and wanted to play with the sea creatures in it so I set that up for them and it kept them occupied till tea was cooked.

Are rather chilled afternoon and evening!

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