I run a Toddler session at the local school and usually it is just a few families from the village and those near by. We are not a big place with ride on toys and lots of organised activities. We are more a free play session where parents and children can meet up for a drink and snack and play with some lovely toys for an hour.
We run it from the school hall and some of the younger Pre school children come over with a staff member for a play. The 3 childminders in our village, the school and the pre-school (which is based on site) all have a close relationship and for the most part have shared care of many of the local children. It is a very close and unique set up which I very much value.

One of the other childminders organised a scrap session for us this week with someone from our local scrap store. We asked parents to gather any bits they could and to bring them along to share on the day. The lady running the session brought everything we needed. She lay out a big sheet and poured lots of boxes, tubes, fabrics, strings, buttons, bottles tops and other wonderful scrap items in to a big heap on top! Very soon the room was filled with busy toddlers and Foundation stage school children, rummaging about and creating away! The Pre-school children joined us and set about building things to take home!

Little “L” said she wanted to make a “Babbit!” Rabbits are her absolute favourite thing in the world! She chose a pot and some strips of tissue paper and set about gluing the tissue paper to the pot!

Little “R” did not know what she wanted to make so she started off finding a box and then choosing sticky backed plastic to decorate it with before adding bottle tops and other decorative items. Her idea I think was more about creating a sculpture rather than a defined thing. Her Art grew and developed as she made it.

Little “J” was not really himself today and so a little tearful and coldy.  But he had a lovely time with this plastic bottle and I gave him bits of labels and sticky coloured plastic to add to it. He managed to get the lid off at one point and put items inside. We popped the lid back on and then gave it a shake to see what it sounded like. This has been a clear aim in most of his play of late. To see what things sound like.

 Little “L” worked very hard and with amazing focus and determination to cover every side of her Babbits body!

She wanted a face so I cut a circle out of a white label and she drew on it with a pen. Before long she looked at me and with a big smile said, “My name,  look, my name!”
We then looked at drawing features on to it, like a mouth (which she asked me to do) and she added whiskers. We found some googly eyes to stick on as well!

Little “R” spent a lot of time asking people to cut out sparkly shapes for her which she stick on to her creation with great care!

Look! All finished!

Little “R” sat with my sister, who had come for a play, and filled and emptied this little pot with plastic clip things! She had seen other children making shakers and decided it would be fun to make one of her own! She tried several pots and fillings until she found the one she liked.

After we finished our building, we started stacking. Building glitter towers!

Here are our finished items! They were so proud of their creations and quick to show parents and grandparents when they came to pick them up this evening!

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Physical Development

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