This week we have been enjoying gentle activity. Holding on to the last few days all together before the Christmas holidays end and the little ones all go back to school.
The decorations were packed away and the house felt large and clear. This is a good and bad feeling for me. The feeling of space and a sense of the place being clutter free is wonderful. I often feel that we need more space as a family and start to look at what we don’t have, forgetting to be thankful for what we do have. This period after Christmas needs to be bottled and kept for those times when I need a reminder.
 The sadness comes with the lack of colour in our home, once the Christmas cheer is packed away and the cards popped in to the crafting box. The walls seem bare, the shelves lack a certain spark, and while I love the tidy feeling, I have an urge to bring some warmth back in.

So with this in mind, we set about creating some beauty!

The boys (being that bit older) enjoyed experimenting with other forms of adding the wax to paper and used lit candles to drip on to the paper. We thought we might be able to peal the wax off again but this didn’t happen, not that it mattered because the wax made a lovely picture in itself.

We have a lovely display of these on the playroom wall and some in the living room. They have really brightened the place up and the children enjoyed making them. So did I actually!!

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