The children and I have been very lucky to be given a copy of the 1st issue of the NEWLY RELEASED PJ Masks magazine and asked if we could give our thoughts on it.

I have some PJ Masks fans in my setting so this seemed like a great way to engage their interests and explore something that I would not have otherwise bought (my children being much older now).
The magazine arrived and we were keen to get in to it. Brightly coloured and with some very enticing toys attached the front cover it was like a treasure trove for us. We carefully removed the card with the toys and took each one out to get a closer look. There was a camera with lens that goes in an out, a wrist disk shooter and a set of car keys.

The camera was everyone’s favorite. The lens moves and they all pretended to take photos of each other. Great for imaginative play and something that has been used in our house a lot since opening. The disk shooter was a bit hit and miss. It was tricky to keep the disks in the shooter long enough to aim and fire. They were a bit keen to pop out by themselves but it gave cause for a lot of giggles!

The keys were promptly stolen by the baby who is 16 months. The toys are not advertised for under 3’s but with supervision she was fine. All were made with a sturdy plastic that did not feel cheap and will withstand a lot of play. Not like some of the goodies that I have seen on the front of some magazines that resemble party bag toys.
The thing I liked about these toys and to be honest the whole feel of the magazine, was the lack of gender stereotypical marketing which is sadly missing in so many areas of children’s lives these days.
Bright primary colours were used. Engaging and enticing to all. No over use of any colour such as pink! Positive images of boys and girls being equally adventurous and important in the role of peacekeeping!

The magazine itself was filled with exciting positive stories about quirky superheros working together to overcome the mischievous inventor Romeo and the other characters that need keeping in check throughout the PJ Masks series.

Most pages were filled with fun interactive activities to enjoy. Mazes, puzzles, building things, boardgames to play, spot the difference and lots to get the little ones up and moving.
“Can you jump high like Gekko?”
“Crawl along the the floor on your hands an knees like Catboy”

There was the lovely surprise of a sheet of stickers inside. Each sticker had a page number so that they knew where to add stickers as they read through the magazine. There was even a double page spread so that they could make their own hero scene with all the characters.

There were some great colouring pages that reinforced children’s colour recognition. These were based on each characters costume colour, so red, blue and green. My little ones selected matching pens and got stuck in colouring each character and the items on the page that needed to be coloured to activate that heroes special powers.

They then got to act out that special power for themselves! High jumps, running fast and spreading your arms like Owlet does for flying!

The children got to complete some fantastic Hero training activities throughout the magazine.  All these activities led them through the pages until they reached a page that asked them to “draw yourself as a superhero and think about what special abilities you would like to have!”

At £2.99 I feel this is competitively priced against other magazines of a similar nature. The magazine states that it supports the Early Years curriculum and I would agree strongly with this. The pages are filled with opportunities for the children to use their imagination, enjoy stories, count, look for differences and similarities, complete challenging yet appropriately aimed tasks and explore their creativity.

Over all it is a really enjoyable read and FUN! So many things for parents/ carers to enjoy with the little ones and work on together. We looked at this magazine in a group and the children loved trying out the little challenges, such as seeing who could stand on one leg the longest or crawl across the floor in the stealthiest way! Fantastic for building social skills. Positive images of both genders. Bright and clear layout and super interactive!
I can see me getting this again for my setting!

Disclaimer * I was sent this magazine to review for free. I have not been paid to write this and all views are my own…. and the children’s!*

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