I Have recently been contacted by an independent consultant for Jamberry nail wraps and asked if I would give an honest and independent review of the product. As someone who loves to have pretty nails (it was the only way I stopped biting mine) and who is now a regular visitor at the local nail bar, I thought it would be great to try something new that I could use at home. There seem to be so many styles to choose from as well! I have been asked to review the wraps alongside nail varnish as an accent nail.


The info sent with my samples included this background to the how the product came about.
“Jamberry began with three sisters, each possessing an individual sense of fashion with a shared love of style. After an expensive afternoon at the nail salon, they were determined to find a simpler, more cost-effective way to keep their nails looking polished while spending time together. This is where they launched Jamberry Nail Wraps in 2010. They are new to the UK since 2016.
Fun and flirty, elegant and understated, bright and beautiful, whatever mood you’re in today your signature style is just a quick application away.
With over 300+ designs to choose from they:
– use no harsh chemicals that damage a healthy nail or chip and fade
– each sheet is enough for 2 manicures and 2 pedicures with a few accent wraps left over
– no drying time”
I checked out the you tube links to the application method and it all looked very simple.
You get everything you need in the pack except for a heat source. Hairdryers work really well for heating the wrap so that the glue becomes tacky and can be applied to the nail. Make sure you use the little wooden stick when doing this bit as oils from your fingers can effect the glue and ultimately effect how well your wraps stick and last.
I started off with prepping my nails. This involved removing the old shellac with acetone and filing the top of the nail. I am not sure if this effects the adhesive quality in any way. I made sure that I used the wipe supplied to clean off the nails surface to remove anything that might effect the wrap. I also gently pushed back the cuticles and filed the nails in to a nice shape. 


Once on, cut and shaped the wraps held really well. If anything doesn’t look quite right then you can re-heat them while they are on your nails and push bubbles or creases out. 
As you can see, I have excema on my hands and the chemicals that are used in the nail bars can be painful and an irritant on my sore fingers. But I have tolerated this to have nice looking nails. These wraps take away the need for the harsh chemicals and therefore the pain and discomfort I feel each time I have gels put on. At £15 a set this is also cheaper that the £26 I pay every 2 weeks. 
I will be doing all my normal activities over the next week and will see how well they stand up to daily use. I will compare this to how my gels tend to be after a week. My concerns are how they will cope with hand washing and bath time! Working with children means my hands are in water quite a lot. 
 So the results are in. The first lot came off in the bath. So I tried again after talking to a friend who said I needed to avoid heavy water contact for 24 hours after applying. She tends to use gloves for washing up and the like for the first day. She often has her wraps on for 2 weeks at a time. I put another accent nail on each hand and tried again taking in to account her advice. The result was much better. They have lasted me a week! They are not chipped or torn and would probably last a bit longer. I think these are great for jazzing up your hands for a night out or making them a bit fun for special times of the year such as Halloween or the like. I can not wait to see what they bring out for Christmas! 


  • no chemicals
  • kind to your nails and skin
  • cheaper than gels
  • can be done at home
  • SOOOOO many styles to choose from!
  • Can take a bit of practice to apply them but gets easier with practice
  • air bubbles are a bit of a pain
If you would like to try Jamberry Wraps then give Laila a message on her Facebook page or at take a look at her online shop.

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