With the nice warm weather arriving, I thought we should get the veg bed ready for our potatos and onions. We did not do well with the onions last year so i thought I would sieve all the stones out and add some Organic veg compost to the box. It can only help I guess!
I had a little helper at the garden center who wanted to lift all the compost bags for  me and push the trolley, so I treated him to tea and cake in the cafe!
We also bought this cool garden sieve!

He spent a lot of time looking for “Antiques” and “Treasure” that had been buried. He found quite a bit of broken pottery and blue and white china. He took it all home and washed it!

He also helped me to mix up the compost and soil so that it was evenly spread!

Not bad for an afternoons work. Very tired and ready for a long bath! I have aches in places I didn’t know could ache!

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