Practicing life skills

Practicing life skills

Life skills are important and should be encouraged from a young age. Children enjoy trying to do grown up jobs and it gives them a sense of achievement and pride!

Once a week the children and I like to stop at our local village pub. We stop I after our walk and order drinks and fresh toast! The children all sit together and learn to behave apropriatly in a restaurant/ cafe situation. Too often I see young children running around eateries and I always find it sad to watch. If we engage children in the table activities and conversation then we set them up with the skills needed to function well in these everyday situations. I also worry about accidents when I see children running in to waiting staff carrying hot plates of food!

We do occasionally drop cutlery and spill drinks but that’s part of learning! The children help to order foid, thank the staff, ask politely for anything they need, pay for their meal and manage their own feeding!

Toast is great because it is a healthy snack and the children get to spread their own butter and chop their own slices of bread!

Extending learning: Ask older children to buddy up with a younger child to help them with sitting nicely and spreading their butter. Encourage the children to ask the staff for their own drinks when you are ordering.

Today’s play meets the following EYFS areas:

  1. Physical development
  2. Personal, social and emotional
  3. Language and communication
  4. Understanding the world
  5. Mathematics

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