The village now has a mobile post van that visits every week! This is great news, super useful and another fun experience for the children. The guy who runs it is getting used to us descending on him with parcels! He even gave each of the children a little treat!

They love helping me carry the things we need to post and great the man with a happy “Hello Postman!” 
We weigh the parcels and hand over money to pay. All great things for the children to be part of. Life skills that they will need when they are older. Looking at weights and dealing with money are all good mathematical skills!

After our trip to the van we took a walk round the village looking at all the flowers and the blossom on the trees. Learning the names of the plants we find. We were very lucky to see a mummy Blackbird feeding her baby. We talked about being quiet around the fledgling so that we didn’t scare them away. 

Once we had done a loop of the village we stopped at the village pub and ordered hot chocolate and a few rounds of toast and jam. The pub is much like a coffee shop and also has the village shop there too so they are used to us all turning up!

The children are getting really good at buttering their own toast now. Another life skill. They counted the toast and we worked out how many pieces each person could have. An early introduction to fractions and division. 

This activity meets the following areas of the EYFS:
  • Physical Development
  • Language and Communication
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world

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