This morning we got some sensory play out! I had an abundance of porridge oats and they needed using, so I filled a tray and added some cups, bowls and spoons. I lay out a picnic rug on the kitchen floor and invited the girls to come and explore!

First we spent some time exploring how it felt between our fingers, watching it drop back in to then tray and transferring some to the bowls with our hands!

After spending a good 10 minutes sitting by the tray, the girls suddenly became very active and started to carry handfuls while walking around the kitchen. I started to get a little nervous at this point as I was starting to suspect a very messy house!
They walked around the tray carrying the porridge and then dropping it in to a bowl.

We used spoons to fill jugs and then poured the oats back out, watching them fall!

 Little “R” tried to pick some oats off the rug and noticed the white powder that they left behind.

Little “L” practiced her self feeding skills. she was not very happy with the uncooked oats though and spat them out!

Some animals came to join us and the girls made them breakfast!

Mr Rhino loved his GIANT bowl of Porridge!

The girls worked together to transfer oats from one bowl to another! They really did play beautifully together and  did not get cross with one another, something that has been happening more and more as they have both been getting older and discovering their own minds!

I can see this being a big hit for the week ahead! and I can see my hoover getting a hearty meal of porridge every day!

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