Tomorrow we plan on having a fun filled Pokemon day. We have quite a collection of Pokemon themed toys (although we have recently downsized the collection) so managed to put together several fun activities.
The first is a battle game that we picked up at a car boot sale. 

I plan on adding water to this in the morning. Some water type Pokemon in a water tray seemed like a fun way cool off on a warm day!

The little ones can enjoy some colour sorting with a Pokemon twist!

My eldest son has set up a small world scene using fabric, part of the farm set and playmobil!

I filled a basket with Poke-balls. They will be great for hiding Pokemon in or other small toys!

We have several of these collectible disks. I thought it might be nice to use them for building towers. I need to come up with a game for stacking these…… watch this space!

We also have a lot of magnets and little cardboard character disks. I used a magnetic grid board to put with them. I would like to see how the children use this. I am thinking sorting and organising. Maybe counting? I could add some magnetic numbers to this and extend the learning.

We also have this little play set which I thought was cute. Like Polly pocket but Pokemon!

I am really excited to see how the children enjoy everything. I am going set up some crafts and I have some print outs. I will share more abut these tomorrow!
I hope this gives you some ideas for your own Pokemon day. See what you have at home or grab some bits cheap from a local car boot sale! Have fun!

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