PEOPLE WHO HELP US – Ambulance Service

PEOPLE WHO HELP US – Ambulance Service

Today we had a friend bring us an Ambulance to explore! He told us about some of the things he has to do at work. Showed the children some of the equipment that they might encounter should they ever need to take a ride in an ambulance.

Aurora was very interested in trying everything out. She was exploring draws and asking sosny questions.

Beth was a little reserved and unsure about the whole thing. She warned up slowly and held a few things. She became a little more chatty once stickers were mentioned!!🤣

By showing the children an ambulance in a fun and safe way we are hopefully taking some of the fear away should they ever have to go in one. The masks and wires can be very scary, especially if you are already hurting or unwell. This opportunity to check all this stuff out in a fun way can really help reduce anxiety.

If you have anyone that you know locally who works for the ambulance service, then it’s worth asking if they could pop along for half an hour and have a chat with the children. Our local service is happy to set this up and work with schools, childminders and pre schools.

Today’s play meets the following ares of the EYFS:

  1. Personal, social and emotional development.
  2. Communication and language.
  3. Understanding the world

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