Today is Outdoor classroom day in the UK. A time when we hope to encourage more outdoor time and learning.

As a setting we spend a lot of time outside. Its great for the body and mind and makes my job a lot easier!

Today we spent time in our outdoor learning area. Exploring the mud kitchen, collecting sticks for a pretend bonfire, watering our willow and playing on the rope swing.

You are never too young to experience the benefits of being nature. This lad was at his happiest and calmest today while we were outside!

I gave him an old pan, a spoon, some water and some heads from a chive plant. He spent a good 45 minutes playing with that stuff! Sensory play that was cooling on a sunny day!

If you have restless children and even if you dont! Get outside and let nature work its magic on you!

We are part of this Earth. Stay connected!

Todays play meets the following EYFS areas:

  1. Physical development
  2. Personal, social & emotional development
  3. Communication & language
  4. Mathematical
  5. Expressive Art & Design
  6. Understanding the world

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