This morning we popped down to the garden center. I thought it might be nice to have milk and a biscuit and pop in to the pet section to see the animals! We also needed to pick up a little treat for Kane. It’s his 10th Birthday! We got him at 14 months and it doesn’t feel like that long. Time goes too fast.

We had a great time looking at all the Christmas decorations. The Polar Bears where rather fabby! A huge hit with little “R”.

We played hide and seek around the Christmas trees and found some woodland friends.

We found a little Christmas village with lots of moving parts.

We also found a table full of dancing and singing toys. This kept us busy for a while!

We visited all the animals in the pet shop. We saw rabbits, hamsters, birds, a tortoise, guinea pigs and rats! We chose some of Kane’s favorite chews for his prezzie and also bought a chew toy for the bunny!

We came home a did a bit of Autumn colouring while I made lunch.

The girls found Kenzies bunny and hutch toy. Little “L” is very in to her bunnies at the moment and carried it around for most of the afternoon. Little “R” pretended to clean the hutch with a scrubbing brush she found. She ran over to a wooden bowl on the sofa, dipped in the brush and ran back over to the hutch and scrubbed it! She also scrubber my floor for me and told me she was cleaning it!

This evening, after Kane came home from his long walk with our dog walker, we sang Happy Birthday to him and gave him a new chew. He walked out half way through the song to eat his treat in peace! 🙂

Little “L” decided to dress him up and raided her bag for hair bands and clips. She popped this one on him and then handed me some bobbles and asked me to put them in her hair!

We gave the Cloud his new toy as well and a couple of carrot sticks. He seemed to like his veg garden. Little “L” kept gathering up the fake food and popping it in a pot. Then she would follow the bunny and try and get him to eat them.

This evening, before bed, Kenzie read his Dora book that my parents had bought him a couple of years ago. They did one for each of the boys. Brendan’s was a Christmas story. They have the boys names in, their friends names and some special info, like their date of birth or address.  He loved reading about himself!

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