Little “M” is enjoying her first week in my setting and has already settled in so well. She is very confident and social. She babbles and interacts with others. Points at things that she wants and is happy to explore her new environment.
It has already become very apparent that she is happiest in the garden and loves to crawl around and explore.
She is very good at crawling up the step from the back door on to the patio and then freely crawls around looking for things to play with. I often place some of the toys outside for her to enjoy, such as the treasure basket, balls or some board books.

She quite likes to pick at the grass growing between my paving slabs. I was going to tidy this up over the summer and re-cement between the slabs but the grass seems to be fun for the little ones!

Physical Development – Moving and handling – 8-20 months 
  • Passes toys from one hand to the other.
  •  Holds an object in each hand and brings them together in the middle, e.g. holds two blocks and bangs them together.  
  • Picks up small objects between thumb and fingers. 

She spends a lot of time passing objects from hand to hand, reaches out for objects, often bringing them to her mouth.

Physical Development – Moving and handling – birth to 11 months 
  • Reaches out for, touches and begins to hold objects
  • Explores objects with mouth, often picking up an object and holding it to the mouth.

She does not see the danger of the step down on to the decking and I am having to watch her very closely here. I am trying to teach her to come down backwards but she becomes quite frustrated when I gently guide her but we will keep working on this. For now I sit close to the step and I have also placed a thick fluffy blanket on the decking to protect her should she slip.

The dog often thinks it is there for him though! This creates another obstacle for her to overcome!!

She loves to play with sounds and is often found with her head in the Instruments!

She is not shy with others and often likes to get in to the thick of things, especially with other children in the setting.

Personal, Social and Emotional- Making relationships – 8-20 months

  • Shows interest in the activities of others and responds differently to children and adults, e.g. may be more interested in watching children than adults or may pay more attention when children talk to them. 
  • .  

  • Seeks to gain attention in a variety of ways, drawing others into social interaction.

She uses a lot of non verbal communication and can make her needs and requests quite clear by her gestures. She also babbles lots and makes some clear sounds that are very much like words, such as “Doggy” and “Uh-oh!”

Communication and Language- Speaking  – 8-20 months

  • Uses pointing with eye gaze to make requests, and to share an interest. 
  • Enjoys babbling and increasingly experiments with using sounds and words to communicate for a range of purposes (e.g. teddy, more, no, bye-bye.) 
  • Frequently imitates words and sounds.
  • Uses single words.

Personal, Social and Emotional- Self confidence and self awareness   – 8-20 months

  • Uses pointing with eye gaze to make requests, and to share an interest.
  • Engages other person to help achieve a goal, e.g. to get an object out of reach. 

She imitates the actions of others around her, especially children. This makes her a very popular member of our little family!

Personal, Social and Emotional– Self confidence and self awareness   – 8-20 months

  • Learns that own voice and actions have effects on others.

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