The sessions are now back on for our Forest school and one of the first jobs of the day was to decorate the handles of our new Stickbread sticks. We have lengths of willow that have been coppiced and and one end has been slightly tapered. This is where the bread dough gets wrapped. The other end then gets decorated with yarn to make a handle for the children to hold while they cook their bread over the campfire.

Even the very little ones gave it a go. We did help tighten it up a bit but he picked his colours and did the winding!

The sticks look really lovely together and nice a bright once finished.
It also helps the children to distinguish what is a stick to play with and what is a tool for our group.

You can use this technique to make decorations for the garden. Use shorter lengths and wrap them in yarn, then hang the sticks from a tree for a lovely rainbow craft!

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