Today we took a very muddy walk to my parents house and back again. They live in the next town over which is about 4 miles away. It was a drizzly but very warm morning. Brendan has a similar view to walk as I do. Good for the mind and body and once you are in a rhythm you can just keep going. This is quite something from a boy with Hyper mobility, who has been in constant pain with his joints for as long as he can remember. But it is great to see him do this despite the pain. Kenzie is not quite so keen bless him and finds int much harder. i am hoping he will soon find long walks just as enjoyable. He managed to walk all the way there, but complained quite a bit and daddy had to come a nd pick him up in the car as he could not face the walk home. Brendan and I enjoyed the journey home despite Brendan’s severe “Poo foot” problem towards the end!

We stopped at a chocolatiers in town for a nice hot chocolate treat! We were a little soggy!


 The fields were quite flooded in parts and rivers and streams very high after all the rain fall we have had recently.

So close to home and Brendan told me this bit was “easy”! ………. Cue “Poo foot”!

I love this old barn. It looks like it will topple over at any moment but is actually quite sturdy. It has so much charm and character.

I really want to build up our family walks and do more of this. Walking is so good for the body and mind. Nature really does fix my heart and brain!

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