I just wanted to share some Autumn images with you all. We have all been battling this awful sick bug for the past couple of weeks and so my blogging has not been as regular as I like! I am hoping a few catch up posts will give you an idea of what has been going on. Especially for the parents of the children that I look after and their families that visit this blog.
My boys have been very much involved in playing and designing Minecraft worlds. They are even role playing this game around the house and in the school playground. This is Kenzie apparently riding a Minecraft Pig (I know it’s a horse) and training it with a carrot!

We dug up the last of the potatoes from our allotment and then added chicken waste from our birds on to the plots. I will leave it to brake down over the winter and then dig it in for the spring!

The boys gathered leaves and piled them up high…….before riding down the hill on scooters and driving in to the pile!

We have enjoyed many Autumnal walks. Sadly we have not foraged very much this year due to the poor crops and bad weather 🙁 We have very much enjoyed watching the carpet of leaves grow deeper at the park and watched the trees change almost daily!

Lots of running, jumping, rolling and throwing of these golden wonders!

Kenzie enjoyed chatting to some animals at a local garden centre that we visited with my parents whilst on a hunt for some winter colour for the garden!

Brendan enjoyed the tea and biscuits at his Grandparents house after the garden centre trip!

The boys helped me to plant the new additions in to the beds before the rain started! The Chickens have had a little scratch at them but I surrounded the bases with large stones and this seems to have deterred them a bit!

I weather proofed the chicken run a bit to provide them with a bit of shelter over the winter. Not the prettiest of set ups but it seems to work!

It is so nice to see some colour outside again especially after all the summer flowers have died back.

We have enjoyed lots of indoor play together, staying warm and dry from the high wind and heavy rain that the UK has suffered the past few weeks. Thankfully due to our location, flooding was not an issue, but a few miles down the road and it was quite a different story!

The boys enjoyed some fun new puddings that I found in Marks and Spencer’s food court!

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