Continuing the Pets topic, the role play area is still a big hit with everyone! From the youngest children to the oldest after schoolers. Everyday I have a very full Veterinary surgery in my playroom!

We looked at some of the X-rays on the playmobil X-ray machine and talked about how the photo is of the inside of the animals and not the outside like normal photos that we take. Little “L” told me that they have real x-rays at pre-school and the next time we did a pre-school pick up, the pre-school staff lent us a few!

Little “B” enjoys getting involved in everything the older children do and brought me a vets outfit to help her put on!

Once dressed she set about checking on all the patients!

She even gave some of them medicine!

Little “L” used bandages to make her cat better. The children have been bringing in their own soft toy pets to treat.

Little “B” decided to take notes for everyone.

There was lots of fine motor practice, trying to open the plaster packets.

We are going to follow this up with a trip to see real vets soon and an Exotic pets animal encounter next week.

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