Butterfly and Fairy Wings craft

Butterfly and fairy wings!

While flicking through the craft pages on Baker Ross website, I came across this amazing set of Butterfly and fairy wings that you can decorate how ever you liked! I know several children that would love to have their own wings so I bought some packs! They were GREAT!!
They have so much scope for personalising and no two will ever look the same.
Butterfly and fairy wings

Getting crafty with our Butterfly and fairy wings!

I offered paint, glue, feathers, and colourful scraps that could be added to the wings. I wanted my little crafter to have a good selection of items to use and to be able to make that choice for herself. I didn’t want these to be MY Butterfly and fairy wing, they had to be hers and totally hers.

Butterfly and fairy wings

Puss decided that she only wanted paint on hers! Lots of bright colours! That was fine by me. Like I said they were her Butterfly and fairy wings, not mine. I was a little tempted to suggest adding some sparkles and the like but i buttoned my mouth shut!

Butterfly and fairy wings

I did add some sticky tape across the main join as it looked like the card would become weak in that area after some use. I think she did a pretty good job!

They have them on sale at the moment if you fancy grabbing some. (Baker Ross have not sponsored this post or asked me to write one…. I just love these wings!)

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