Beautiful butterfly

We couldn’t get to a real rainforest sadly so today we visited a local one inside a building! It’s a wonderful place and the children have a great time there!

What big eyes you have!

The big fish were a wonder for everyone! We read that they have big sharp teeth that can crack nuts and seeds! We decided we wouldn’t like to swim with one!

Fishy fishy!

The centre of the main room is a giant pond. There is so much wildlife around this one area! We had to keep eyes wide open to find the water dragons as they are good at hiding. We didn’t find them this visit sadly. T said we might find them next time!

E enjoyed poking the plants in the oond and looking for the small minnows that were swimming around. There were Teal swimming on the pond too!

Oh what’s this one called?

They all wanted to know what each creature was, what country it was from and what it eats! The information boards were really useful for this! They even started to point out letters and numbers that they recognised!

Tortoise going for a drink.

We also talked about the differences in tortoises and turtles as many children seem to think they are the same thing!

I think we all had a great day!

EYFS areas covered:

  • Physical development
  • Personal social and emotional
  • Communication and language
  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world

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