Today we enjoyed some of our yarn project activities. Little “L” helped me to wrap a ball of yarn around  3 rooms of my downstairs. She started in the playroom and came in to the living room and then in to the hallway! She managed really well despite having a broken arm!
I had to help her keep it taught and also to reach the higher areas.

One the house was tied up, we started to explore what we could do with it! Little “L” used it as a washing line for the dolls clothes!

“L” attached a pine cone by wrapping it with a piece of yarn. I loosely tied it to one line of the web. She walked along that length of yarn, leading the pine cone to see how far it would go before reaching the end. It could travel from the hall all the way to the playroom.

 “I need to go through them” pointing to the yarn that had been wrapped around the down stairs of the house, making a giant web!

 “Under and over” as she climbed through the maze.
“Maybe I can make it snow” She attached lengths of cut yarn to a web strand by draping them over it. She started to laugh and pulled the web strand back…… then it go, like a catapult! The yarn fell off.

“I am putting people on the swing” She lay the yarn strands over again. “These are the people”.
“WEE!!! They are all on the swing. I am pushing them!”
One fell off. She laughed.
“Opps! If I tie them on they won’t fall off.” She started to tie each strand of yarn over the web

She pushed them again on their swing and they all stayed on!

  • To enjoy exploring wool and yarn and finding fun things to do with it.
  • To encourage the use of prepositional language such as over and under, through and around.
    •  Provide a basket of yarn for L to come back to and explore.
    • Offer some weaving activities.


    Little “L”Enjoyed this activity, especially being allowed to tie yarn around everything. She found this quite tricky, especially with only one fully usable arm. But she still gave it a really good go and asked for help when needed. She found her own ways to use the web of yarn. Attaching items and smaller strips of yarn to the lines. She made up little stories about people on swings and worked out how to help them stay on when they fell off. She maintained focus was engaged in this open ended activity for a good hour and a half. Changing how she used the yarn and finding loose parts to extend her own play experience. She enjoyed testing her snow making machine and her swing for yarn people. Adapting and changing how she did things to make it work better.

    Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
    • Physical Development
    • Language and Communication

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