About a month ago, little “B” started to show signs that she wanted to walk. A few days after these photos were taken she took her first steps. But she is still happier to crawl as her preferred means of getting about.
I have been holding hands with her and helping her walk around the house. She seems able to stand without support as well. On this day 2 friends joined us on the village green for an after school picnic and between them they were determined that they would get her to walk! 
Lots of smiles and encouragement, enticing her with toys and clapping her when she stood or tried to step forward! 

There are so many people involved in our children’s lives and I think it is lovely that others around us support our children and show just as much excitement in their milestones as we do.  Little “B” has these 2 totally wrapped around her fingers!

They are there to step in and help her when ever they can. They are always pleased to see her when I arrive at school pick up. They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think this is still true to quite an extent. This child has her family, childminder and members of the village all routing for her!

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