The girls found some of our outdoor toys in the new garden cupboard we built last week. Every year this bag of goodies provides hours of fun! Non of it cost very much and most of it came from one of the supermarkets. 

Little “B” joined in with “L” and “R”, holding one end of the skipping rope and giving it a wriggle.

We started to swing the rope back and forth and took turns to jump over the rope as it swung.

Once they had grasped this we moved on to swinging it in a circle. I had to help more with this as little “B” was not of an age to be able to swing it up and over. I noticed that the girls faced the rope which meant that they would be jumping it backwards. It  took a little while to understand that they needed to have the rope behind them so that they could see it swing over them and jump, but once we had got the hang of it there was much more jumping success!

Little “B” tried to copy the older girls with her own skipping rope!

After a while I showed the girls how I can skip with a rope on the spot and they decided to try this out for themselves!

 These have been a constant interest over the sunny days this week and the children are practising their skipping skills by themselves, choosing to get these from the garden cupboard.

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