Today we finished off some of our Jubilee activities and had a really lovely day full of play and fun!

We got out the playdough and made cakes! We put all our cakes on the cake stands and decorated them with some fabby Royal decorations I found in Waitrose last week.

We have been doing a bit of Jubilee colouring as well but i forgot to take photos of that.
We enjoyed several board games while Little “R” had her nap. I love playing these game with Kenzie. Brendan is not really in to playing board games so it’s been quite a new experience for me and I really hope Kenzie and I will have this time together for many more years to come!

We have worked on our Jubilee scrap books!

Brendan turned his Hexbugs set in to a Skylander hall of fame. This kept him busy for ages and he had fun watching the bugs vibrate around the skylanders. It reminded me of an Art Gallery! I walked in on some very heated conversations between him and Kenzie, about which Skylanders were worthy of a place in the hall of fame!
Little “R” is a real outdoorsy girl! We had a little play at the park before nap time but then spent most of the afternoon in the garden! She potters about finding fun things to explore and it’s wonderful to watch her making her own entertainment.

She is really in to “bat and ball” play at the moment and is working really hard at dropping the ball on to her bat and then batting it. Very tricky to do, especially at her age, but she keeps trying!

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