A day of Jelly Fish fun!

Learning about Jelly Fish

We are having so much fun with our Oceans topic and we have spent this week learning about Jelly Fish! Who knew you could have so much Jelly Fish fun!

We made a cool wriggly Jelly Fish from a kit I picked up from Baker Ross. If you want to get your own then click on this link which will take you to the site!

The children loved taking their Jelly fish ho e and spent the afternoon playing with them around the house and in the garden!

We watched a documentary on Jelly fish and how they move and live. We learnt about the stinging tentacles and how they catch their food!

The children used a big piece of paper to draw their own under water scene and added several jelly fish! We used green tissue paper to make seaweed and added some fish stickers! This turned in to an amazing piece of wall art! They were all super keen to show their parents at pick up time!


So how about setting up your own Jelly fish day and enjoy some Jelly Fish fun!


Extend learning……

  • Read story books about life under the sea. Rainbow fish and Sharing a shell are good stories with a nice moral message about sharing!
  • Make some jelly to explore how a jelly fish might feel and move.
  • Look at non fiction books about Jelly Fish
This activity meets the following areas of the EYFS:
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Physical Development
  • Language and Communication
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Understanding the world

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