You will need
•paint. White, black and orange
•pva glue        
•cotton buds
•potatoes cut in half
•Googly eyes
First use the cotton buds to paint snow on the paper and then use the potatos to print snowman bodies and heads on to your picture. Allow the children to explore the paint using their hands and fingers if they like. Little R chose to use her fingers to make snowflakes on her paper. Little X made very tall snowmen using the potato to print one circle on top of another.
Use the cotton bud to add details like buttons, counting them as they paint them. Talk about facial features that they might need. Maybe choose to draw an orange carrot or satsuma nose. Will he have coal eyes or would thet like to add googly eyes. Let the children make them their own. Talk about how the snowmen might feel out in the snow. Will they be warm or cold. Do the children think he will be happier warm or cold. What might happen if he got too warm?
This activity meets these prime and specific areas of the EYFS. ….
•communication and language
•personal social and emotional
•physical development
•understanding the world
•expressive art and design

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