We have been practicing our names ready for starting school. Not just writing it but recognising it.
There has been a huge interest in the caterpillars and butterfly’s in the garden. This led me to thinking about making caterpillars out of our names.

You will need:

  • plastic bottle caps in different colours
  • Black marker pen
  • A piece of paper with your child’s name written clearly on it
  • Piece of card
  • Glue

Depending on the age and ability of your child you can either write letters on each cap and lay them out or let the child write each letter on the lids for themselves.
Show your child how to use the paper with their name on as a guide for getting the letters in the right order!

Offer a lid and the pen to your child and ask them to draw the face of their caterpillar on the lid.

Glue each bottle top down on the paper with the head at the front!

When the glue is dry add legs and antenna to your caterpillar.

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