You will need

  • Plain paper. We used large sheets so we could make big Parrots!
  • Marker pen
  • Paper plate
  • Several colours of ready mixed paint
First of all I drew a very rough outline of a Parrots head and body on the paper for the children to paint. Older children may like to try doing this themselves!
I then asked the children to paint their birds bodies with what ever colours they liked. We talked about trying to stay in the lines and only painting inside the shape we had drawn.

Next we squeezed paint on to the paper plate in different coloured lines. This is so we could paint the wings and tail using our hands.

The children pushed their hands in to the pain on the plate making sure they got a bit of each colour on their hands.

We pushed our hands on to the bottom of the Parrot and drew our fingers down towards the bottom of the paper to make the tail!

We repeated the process for the wings except this time we made a clear hand print rather than the tail shape.

Then we painted a branch for our Parrot to sit on.

We added green leaves!

After our Parrots had dried, we added eyes and hung them up for the children to see! 

 It was lovely to see the children so keen to join in with this craft activity. They had spent the morning dressing up in Pirate clothes and talking about the different things that Pirates use or have with them on the ships. Parrots were a big favourite of the children, so we decided to paint some! Each child was keen to take part and willing to have a go in this activity. They all used their current knowledge of how a Parrots looks to paint their picture. Making links with what they had learnt already to create their piece of Art. They talked about the colours and size. Where we find Parrots and what Parrots sound like! There was a clear enjoyment and interest in this craft and each child felt great pride in the finished picture. They were excited to see the paintings displayed on the washing line and talked about who painted which picture, calling their friends to come and have a look and sharing their achievements.

Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Communication and Language
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Understanding the World

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