Getting to the root of things!

This cool bit of kit was something I picked up at the end of last summer from either b&m or Wilkos. It’s a planter that allows you to see the carrots and other veg growing from the top and the bottom. You get to see the roots and hopefully this will spark some conversation about what roots do!

We started off by mixing the compost with water and spooning it in the planter. Great hand eye coordination practice. The children asked why we needed mud and I explained that it was where the plants grew and got their water and food from.

After comparing the different sizes of the seeds and how they looked (carrots, radish and spring onions) we took it in turns to plant 2 of each vegetable! Fantastic mathematical conversation and visual discrimination activities. Finding differences and similarities.

Then came the important job of watering the seeds! Not too much and not too little! A lesson in balance!

We placed the seeds in a warm sunny spot after taking about what plants need to grow tall and healthy!

We will keep you all posted on the progress!

Todays play focuses on these areas of the EYFS:

  1. Physical development
  2. Mathematical development
  3. Communication and language
  4. Understanding the world

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