Getting the allotment ready!

Getting the allotment ready!

The children and I have been working on our allotment beds today. We did a LOT of weeding! Thankfully the wood chip paths are easy to pull weeds from. I gave everyone a bucket! Off we marched to get to work! We found so many cool bugs! Beetles, worms, spiders, caterpillars woodlice, even some grubs!

Strawberry plants flowering!

The strawberry plants are flowering and I explained that each of these would become a strawberry. The children all seemed very excited about the idea of coming back in a few months and eating fresh strawberries!

The gooseberry bush has some fruit starting to grow too. None of the children think that they have tried gooseberries before!

A grub!

EYFS areas covered:

  • Physical development
  • personal, social and emotional
  • Communication and language
  • Understanding the world


Playing and exploring Everyine was keen to come and work 9n the allotment. They love being outside and having important jobs to do. They all gave the weeding a really good go! There was a lot of bug hunting going on too! We even took some pictures of some di that we could use a book or the internet to identify ones we didnt recognise!

Active learning I was surprised at how focused everyone was. Pulling at the weeds. I think it helped that the wood chip kept the roots quite loose. When we found a tricky one then s friend would help iut and they would pull together. I told them the story of “The enormous turnip” and how it took lots of people working together to pull it up and then they all shared a meal of turnip soup! They were very proud of their full buckets. Comparing who had the most weeds!

Creating and thinking critically

When we didn’t know what the insect was, little A said we should look in our bug book! I asked how we would remember what it looked like so we could make a comparison. She said “take a picture”. The children had the freedom to weed, bug hunt or play chase around the veg beds! The children also told me about veg they have grown at home or that they have read about in stories.

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