The mornings are feeling rather Autumnal now and there is so much fruit to forage!
We took a little walk this morning up to the farm track and back. We walked past the tree on our way so that we could collect apples for a crumble.

Little “M” started to notice the leaves that were falling and that they were not all green. We took a walk a few weeks ago and there was still a lot of green leaves and I pointed out the few that were changing. This week there were quite a few orange and yellow leaves.

 She also noticed the dew on the grass.  She told me it was wet and shinny.

We found something even wetter! A puddle!!

We picked some blackberries to put with the apples in our crumble.

Yummy berries……. several of them didn’t make it to the pot!

We collected some leaves and compared the different shapes and sizes.  We are going to use them in the discovery tray next week.

We collected sticks too! We nibbled on them too!

There were so many crane fly’s in the grass today, We crouched down and watched them for ages. They are so silly and bumble about like clumsy spiders with wings strapped to them.

There have been quite a few squirrels running along our fence and neighbours wall. We have talked about how they are looking for nuts. We decided to pick some to take home with us.

There was just enough time for a play at the park before we went home for lunch.

We also had another crawl and run through the leaves.

Two apples “magically” vanished between being collected and getting home……..

    • Take another walk and notice further changes.
    • Make a crumble from the foraged fruit.
    • Set up a discovery tray with Autumn items in such as leave, sticks, conkers. 


    Playing and exploring – engagementFinding out and exploring, Playing with what they know 
    Active learning – motivationBeing involved and concentrating, 
    Creating and thinking critically – thinkingHaving their own ideas, Making links

    Today’s play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas:
    • Physical Development
    • Communication and Language
    • Understanding the world

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