Back for another day of fun at the play center! Still with the space theme!
Little “”M” and little “Es” paint moons with shaving foam paint! Lots of different types of brushes to use and a very effective finish! Awesome creative and sensory fun!

We then moved on to Alien hand puppets made from paper bags!

Lots of sticking shapes and body parts on to the bags and drawing on them. Little “M” was not so interested in the sticking…. more the drawing part. She has fantastic pencil control and is not even 2 yet. She has a great pencil grip for her age and carefully makes little circles all over the page. She loves to sit and draw!

Little “Es” is all about the creating and sticking! The more bits the better is her view! Look at this masterpiece!

After a busy morning crafting some of us had a snooze in the sun! All wrapped up to keep warm but enjoying a fresh air nap!

The games wagon was on site today so the children enjoyed some gaming and computer use! Kenzie made music with a sampler program!

“X” and “R” enjoyed the webcam and the different effects they could use. They both had fantastic mouse control and could work the basics out quite quickly. They laughed at each others pictures and were keen to share what they were doing!

Last activity of the day was making banana milkshakes! Super yummy!!

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