Today was a rather relaxed day. That’s not to say we haven’t been busy with the making, it’s just that we haven’t really gone anywhere today and just enjoyed some time at home.

We made several things today. All with an Easter theme and many of them rather yummy!

To start with we made Peppermint creams but used lemon and orange essence rather than peppermint.

We cut the creams in to egg shapes and decorated with jelly sweets!

 Then the children painted them with food colouring!

After the creams, we made chocolate Truffles!

While we waited for the truffle mix to cool we blew some eggs and set about decorating and dying them!

We stuck stickers to the eggs as I thought drawing with a wax crayon was more likely to result in broken eggs!

We popped them in a glass of water and rather a lot of food colouring!

We left the eggs to sit for a bout 15 minutes and moved on to sticker pictures!

Little “R” made a lovely picture to take home to mummy and daddy!

 We also decorated Easter teddies. Little “R” chose a Chick and Kenzie chose a rabbit!

Our eggs were soon ready and we peeled off the stickers. Kenzies turned out quite well but the Green dye did not take so well 🙁

Brendan had spent most of the day watching top Gear, playing on his zoo, sleeping and playing Trash Packs…. I think he really needed a day to do nothing! But he did pull himself away from the sofa to decorate the Truffles with sprinkles!

Little “R” made an Easter card for mummy and daddy! A chirpy chick!

Happy Easter weekend to all of you!!

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