This morning we tried out our resist painting. I think it went quite well. Some of the children insisted on using other tools to draw with. like pencils and gel pens but realised that this would not work in the same way once painted over, so moved on to the crayons quite quickly.

Once we were done with the painting Kenzie asked to get out the microscope camera. He set about looking at everything around him….. including the dog! He was amazed by what came up on the screen. He particularly liked the weave in fabrics and the ink dot prints on books and boxes.

Brendan had a lazy morning! Once he had pulled himself from his pit I made him a “Happy” breakfast! The idea is that you are meant to cut a shape from the bread, add the egg and then bake in the oven for 7 minutes. Brendan does not like toast so I had to cut the shape out of the bread and then use the cutter to hold the egg in to shape in the frying pan. I was not sure if it would work…. some leaked out from the bottom of the cutter but most stayed put. I then turned the cutter with the egg in it over, to cook both sides. Once cooked I popped the egg in to the pre-cut shape in the bread like a little jigsaw piece! He loved it!!

He then moved on to checking on his Zoo and the animals he is breading in it! He is enjoying breeding Koalas  most of all!

We spent a good hour at the park as well this morning. I did not get any photos today unfortunately as I was otherwise engaged in a game of tag! Good exercise and kenzie loved mummy trying to catch him. Little “R” practiced her balancing on the beam again and Brendan took his skateboard and played on the ramps.

 After lunch we went to a local Environmental education center to join in with some fun Easter activities!

We started off by checking out the activities inside! Kenzie and Little “R” made Bunny masks. Here he is trying to staple on the ears. it’s quite hard to make the staples come out!

Little “R” decorated her bunny with lots of natural materials from outside!

After Bunny masks, we went on a chicken trail! Mummy hen has lost her chicks and we had to follow the little yellow feathers to find them. Along the way we found many woodland friends who helped us on our mission!

The messages gave us some great practical reading practice! Kenzie is so keen to read each word. It fills me with so much joy to see him enjoying it! The messages told us a little something about their own babies as well.

Before long we came to a clearing with a large tree in the middle. There was a lovely lady there with a basket of chicks! She asked if we would like to make nests for our chicks. We talked about what we needed to use to make a nest and looked at some real ones that had been abandoned last year. We decided that the inside needed to be soft, so Brendan ran off in to the bushes to gather some moss!

We molded our balls of clay in to a nest shape and started to stick little leaves and sticks to it.

After nest building it was time to get in the trees! Brendan’s second home. That boy has no fear. Kenzie was a bit more worried and needed my help. Even Little “R” asked to be lifted on to a branch. She sat and watched the world pass by for a while!

We popped back to the center just in time to decorate chocolate cakes. There was a lady talking us through how to make the different parts of the decorations. Kenzie worked really hard and listened well. Little “R” was so desperate to eat her cake bless her. I think she is still a bit too little to understand these sorts of activities. She always wants to eat all the ingredients. She did get the idea after a while, that we were not eating it just yet and even gave me a funny look when I said she COULD eat it…. not quite believing me!

The beautiful cakes did not take long to be gobbled down!

Then we ran off outside again to explore the music garden, willow dens and hunt for some birds and their eggs!

We came across some rather cool creations on our travels! Kenzie tried to climb this Dinosaur but he was a bit too slippery!

We found a bird hide and popped in to see what we could spy. Sadly the children did not get the idea of “Being quiet”, so we really didn’t get to see very much! We did have good fun trying though, We checked out the binoculars and the identification cards that were hanging on the wall.

After running around a field, we came across this little guy! The boys then ran off to find other little birds and their eggs! Little “R” chased after them and cuddled each bird she found “awwww, bird!”

We found some pretty eggs hanging on the willow den! 

We all went in to the den and the boys decided to make a camp fire! This kept them busy for 15 minutes or so. Sadly no amount of rubbing sticks would start their fire and it was starting to rain and the temperature was dropping! So we decided it was time to head home!

We brought home a branch to hang our decorative eggs on!

Buddy Bear is dressing up for the occasion. He is sporting a lovely set of Bunny ears and sitting in an Easter basket!

Our baking day went on hold but we have lots of yummy things to make tomorrow!

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