These two love a good walk and a Pokemon hunt! So last Sunday we used our National Trust cards and popped to a local site. Cliveden is a beautiful spot on the hills between High Wycome and Slough. It has a wonderful mix of woodland and riverside walks. Trees to clime and interesting things to see. It also houses a lot of Pokemon Go stops and gyms! BONUS!!

This keeps us moving and something else to keep the children motivated.
Sunday was not too cold. Spring is getting close and I have been really enjoying a lot of walking and green space this week. Being in nature is really soul reviving. Finding little snippets of interest and life in the calm open space. We like to look for Mistletoe in the trees. Little bundles of life in a sleeping tree.

We climbed trees and embankments, slid down hills on our bottoms and skimmed stones in the river.

Signs of spring and new life were popping up in the leaf litter. Snowdrops flowering and Bluebells just starting to poke their green shoots up through the ground.

The view from the top of the hill was amazing although Kenzie was not overly impressed with the steps to the top. One day we will count them. Maybe on the walk down as we were short of breath on the way up!

Lots of Pokemon caught and Gyms taken down! Only half the site visited….. if that! We need to go again soon.

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