My boys were lucky enough to take part in a cartoon drawing workshop this week. They are both in to cartoon style drawings and have a massive collection of vintage and current Beano annuals. The workshop was held at our favourite SEN play center, Thomley Hall. 
The chap running the workshop was an Illustrator and Author, Clive Goddard. He has a series of books out about a lad who turns out to be the worlds worst explorer! We bought a signed book from him today so looking forward to reading it with the boys and seeing what we think! 
He started the session with exploring how faces can be drawn using a simple basic template and then how we can change the face with small detail to give different expressions. It is much easier than I first expected!

He was such a fun chap to watch and listen too and we all had a great time trying out the different drawing techniques. Even the grown ups! And we all produced some pretty good drawings!

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