During the last week of the school holidays we visited a place I have wanted to go to for ages! We won tickets for a family visit last Christmas in a raffle. Sadly the weather was not the best but we made the most of it! Woburn Safari Park!

One of the highlights of the trip was the bird house. We spent 50p on a pot of sweet solution and this made us very popular with the birds! It is not every day you get to have birds land on you. Even when I had pet finches they were not keen on landing on me. These guys had no worries what so ever and were super confident.

The lemurs were also very keen on making friends with the humans. we are not meant to touch them but I don’t think they got he memo. They jumped on us and one wanted to share my umbrella with me. 

The animals seemed very well looked after and many keen to interact with humans which was a real treat for all of us. The wallaby’s sat close to us and chewed on sticks, penguins swam against the glass wall of their pool and interacted with children on the other side. 
One of the things I was really looking forward to was the drive through safari section. Being that close to some of these animals is just not going to happen unless you do a safari type experience.

The monkeys have always been a love of mine. They have so much character and are so playful. They had a field day with my car! I have nibble marks in the rubber round the car aerial! A mum and baby came to sit on our car too!


The black bears were another animal that I enjoyed seeing in a more up close and personal way. I have seen wild bears in Canada and it was great but we were always aware that they had the ability to attack. When there is just a road between you and one appears, then that can be quite nerve wracking. So having the safety of the car between us was reassuring. 

I am very keen to go back again some time! Maybe on a sunnier day! If you are ever down this way then check out this zoo. Well worth it!

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