They say the kitchen is the heart of a home and I would have to agree. Our kitchen is where we cook, eat, do crafts, chat over a cuppa and is probably one of the most used rooms in the house.
I love the kitchen although I have started to notice it is looking a bit tired. We had it completely refitted about 8 years ago and I guess time and use is taking its tole on it.

I try very hard to keep my kitchen tidy. Clean cupboard fronts and clear sides. My family have different ideas though. They see a space on the work top and feel the need to put something on it. My children insist on using every item from the cupboards and then just leave them dirty on the side or in the sink. They make food and leave crumbs and spills all over my table. 
It drives me totally crazy!! I get like a mad woman!!

So how is your kitchen? Do you have a stunning magazine style kitchen or a dumping ground kitchen? Or something in the middle? Would love to read your comments.

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