Being a nature lover it goes without saying that I love flowers. All flowers. Even those that others would call weeds. They all bring the bees and butterflies to my garden!

This summer the birds visiting our front garden shared their birdseed with the floor and planted me so many beautiful Sunflowers! I watched these amazing plants grow with out any tending form me other that the odd squirt of water. I watched as they all came in to bloom and filled my garden with a sunny yellow sight! 


I stood at my kitchen washing dishes and listened to all the lovely comments from passers by and could see the joy they gave everyone that saw them.
I was asked often if i had grown them, or planted them with the children I look after. I gave the same answer each time. 
“No, The birds planted them for me!”

Now the plants have died off and the heads have been removed for the seeds to dry.  Then I will give them back to the birds to keep them full over the winter months. 

Thank you birds for giving me such a beautiful gift. I hope you enjoy the fruits of your sharing!

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