Today was spent mostly at in the kitchen!
I spent all of last night looking for easy recipes for family meals. Healthy food that doesn’t take long to cook or that I can prepare in advance, freeze and then defrost and put in the slow cooker on the day.

I cheated and bought pre chopped veg as well. Naughty me!

I found this blog post which was very helpful. I used some of the recipes and adapted others to make them suit a freezer meal. I hope my changes work……. I guess we will see.

I also made up some batches of Cheesy fish pie and some cinnamon beef and potato bake.

Yummy! After all that cooking I made us a Chicken roast dinner and Apple crumble. I am looking forward to trying some new meals and already feel less stressed knowing that I have food for many meals to come and that we will not be tempted to eat the easy junk food….. like chips!

And what were my boys doing while I was busy in the Kitchen?

Well some of this!

And a bit of that………….

and some more of this!!

Being boys…. being kids! What else?

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